About Cue

Cue Digital Media is a uniquely positioned digital entertainment company that helps brands engage consumers online. Brands can leverage Cue’s ability to deliver digital engagement to their consumers in two ways; taking advantage of its premium entertainment publisher partner model, and its award-winning Branded Entertainment production capabilities.

Cue’s Premium Publisher Partnership’s

Cue Digital Media is a partnership of premium publishers – Cue exclusively represents a handful of select, established, premium online entertainment properties in Canada, each with audiences between 500,000 and 3 million unique Canadian viewers*. This gives Canadian advertisers un-paralleled access to top international online properties and allows for fully customized and integrated campaigns not usually available in Canada. From traditional display campaigns to large integrated executions and promotions, advertisers benefit from massive yet targeted and elusive audiences that are very difficult to reach in traditional online media.

The Leader in Branded Entertainment

Cue Digital Media develops, licenses, produces and syndicates exclusive award-winning digital branded entertainment content for advertisers, and whose Branded Entertainment Team have been producing video content in Canada since 2003 with a proven track record of success. In a world where short-format video content and the social web dominate what online users spend time with, no one is better equipped to help Canadian brands take advantage and drive video content engagement, to ultimately tell their brand stories in a way digital consumers are more receptive to with proven brand lift, retention, purchase intent and ROI.

For more information, please email us by clicking here: info@cuedigitalmedia.com

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