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Newly named ‘Digi Awards’ unveil nominees
Newly named 'Digi Awards' unveil nominees. But Canada lags behind in short form digital content production, nominee says.
GSP Named “Brand of the Year”
GSP of the UFC wins this years "Brand of the year" award from Strategy magazine.
NAPA Auto Parts goes behind the scenes at the Indy
NAPA Auto Parts and Toronto-based Cue Digital Media will be taking branded content to the Honda Indy racing streets this weekend.
Cue & NAPA Team Up At the Honda Toronto Indy
Canadian New Media Specialists Unite to Create Online Branded Content for NAPA Auto Parts at the 25th Annual Toronto Indy Race!
Cue Digital Media Officially Launches In Canada
Cue Digital Media’s CEO, David U.K. announced today the launch of Cue Digital Media, the new face of Digital Percent / Digital BranZ in Canada.
UFC: Cable Versus The Internet
The past few days were quite busy – and historic. Osama Bin Laden was finally killed, Canada finally elected a majority government and the Ultimate Fighting Championship finally made its debut here in Toronto over the weekend in front of 55,000 fans at the sold-out Rogers Centre. Whether you’re a fan of mixed martial arts or not, it was a memorable and historic event – it was the first time UFC was allowed into Ontario after years of political opposition and it was the biggest crowd the sport has ever drawn in North America.
Profectio: Cue Digital Media Next Generation Branded Entertainment Launches In Canada
For years we’ve known David U.K. as the man who put on the map and made the top online video site for males over 25 and today he unveiled his new venture, Cue Digital Media.
Playback Magazine: Cue Digital Forms To Tackle Branded Content
Digital Percent and Digital BranZ, sister companies that create and represent branded content for top Canadian brands, have been merged under the new name Cue Digital Media.
Strategy Magazine: Canadian Brands Get Into The Octagon With UFC
The UFC debuted in Toronto to the cheers of some 55,000 raucous fight fans at the Rogers Centre, and though the on-premise promos were restricted to a few American brands that had inked PPV deals with the UFC's home office in Las Vegas, some Canadian brands found other ways to enter the fray.