Cue Social


Cue Social exclusively represents in Canada a proprietary global social media platform. Cue Social uses advanced targeting technology to identify, efficiently target, attract and deliver the right audience for your brand. Our proprietary social advertising tool and our team of new media experts, drive innovation through targeting and technology, resulting in maximized campaign performance and conversion.

Cue Social provides turnkey, managed Facebook advertising services for brands, agencies and companies in Canada. Some of the most recognized Fortune 500 companies such as Cara Foods and Molson Coors have utilized our API. The comprehensive client list represents a good cross section of all verticals, from financial services to CPG, Broadcast TV to politics…and everything in-between.

Our team uses advanced targeting technology and decades of media experience to identify, efficiently deliver the right audience for your client or brand within social media.

Our Services

Cue Social provides a turnkey suite of services including:

  • Campaign Management: end-to-end managed social advertising campaigns
  • Creative Development: advertising copy and creative development
  • Targeting: advanced keyword, geographic and demographic targeting
  • Re-Targeting: ability to do in and out of network social re-targeting
  • Reporting, Measurement and Real-Time Client Log-in & Access: KPIs tracked with custom dashboard access/login
  • Pixel Tracking: for campaigns that drive to external URL’s
  • Social Video: Multiple opportunities to drive social video views

How it Works

Client/Agency provides information about an upcoming program or initiative and a pricing metric to work against. CPM, CPC or CPL – you choose your preferred KPI method. Cue Social provides you with a fixed cost against that KPI (cost per impression, Like or click). The fixed cost includes: complete campaign setup, including data mining for targeting elements, writing copy, gathering images, setting parameters and the destination urls for client approval. We also provide continuous optimization, a dedicated account team, campaign reporting and analysis. KPI minimums are all guaranteed. There are no minimum spend commitments, additional costs or fees.


Getting Started

Working with Cue Social is flexible and easy. We can get started in a few simple steps:

  • Determine your first campaign: Provide us with a brief of the client’s objectives for the campaign including, targets, projected budget (we can help with that if necessary), timing and an overall objective. That’s all we need! If you have creative, great. If not, we’ll create artwork and copy for you
  • Review our work: We’ll take your content and turn it into a campaign, available to view and test via our technology platform and your real-time custom login
  • Finalize terms: Review and agree to an insertion order that outlines the details of the deal and gives us final approval on the elements of the campaign in our system
  • Watch the campaign roll: We will assign a team, dedicated to continually optimizing and providing analytics. Data is updated in our system and available through your custom log-in


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