On demand access to full episodes of Spike’s original TV programming drives today’s busy men to, exclusive online content keeps them there. Scintillating and sexy, fresh and entertaining, hoards of engaged Canadian men rely on for their daily fix of guy’s entertainment. The latest and most interesting online content, gorgeous women, hilarious videos and captivating articles interact with originally produced online content as well as user generated submissions of all kinds.

Spike has some of the most content available today. Exclusive coverage of major industry events such as Comic-Con, Guys Choice Awards, Video Game Awards, E3 and CES. Exclusive online shows such as “Food Dude” and “Playmate Show and Tell,” as well as exclusive TV shows available online.


Canadian audience:

Unique Visitors: 138,000
Canadian Reach: .5%
Pages Viewed: 1 (MM)

Male/Female: 60%/40%
Age 18-49: 65%
Male 25-34: (141)
HHI $60K+: 20%

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From its humble beginnings in 2002 has evolved into the leading Internet broadcaster for the video game industry. The site was started by gamers who were tired of waiting in line for slow downloads of small, boring gameplay footage. The result of their hard work is what you see today; a vast library of high-resolution video game trailers and gameplay that users can download or stream immediately to their computer. serves millions of video game trailers a month to media-starved gamers. New features include user registration, game tracking, platform sorting, expanded forums, fan movies, user ratings and the Gametrailer Top20 that ranks the most popular of all the game trailers according to user feedback and number of views.

Canadian audience:

Unique Visitors: 349,000
Canadian Reach: 1.3%
Pages Viewed: 6 (MM)

Male/Female: 83%/27%
Males 18-24 (329)
Male 25-34: (297)
HHI 75K+: 68% (Index 143)
HHI 100K+: 50% (Index 174)

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VH1 is one of the worlds most recognized names in music today. Inspiring, original, brave, relatable, and savvy – VH1 embodies who their fans are and aspire to be, keeping them coming back over and over.

VH1 targets mainly the “Adultster” demographic (ages 25-34), who account for $1.1 Trillion in spending power. They are confident, self-reliant optimists who are “super influential” in new technology, mobile and restaurants.

In addition to the latest entertainment news and music videos, VH1 also has hit TV shows such as DIVAs, Mob Wives and many more, making them the talk of the town.

Canadian audience:

Unique Visitors: 136,000

Male/Female: 80%/20%
Age 18-44: 80%
Male 18-24: (139)
HHI $60K+: 47%
$100k+: 25%

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